Welcome Letters

Welcome to IAWMH2017 Dublin

On behalf of the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) we would like to extend a very warm welcome to the World Congress on Women’s Mental Health to be held in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) on 6-9 March 2017 to coincide with International Women’s Day March 8th. NWCI and TCD are delighted to be co-hosting this Congress. We intend it to be a unique networking and learning opportunity for professionals of various disciplines to meet and discuss best practices and innovative developments to improve women’s mental health across the life cycle.

The reproductive healthcare services and rights of women in Ireland are to the forefront of national debate and discussion. NWCI leads a vibrant women’s movement in Ireland with a strongly diverse range of women’s organisations. What many of these organisations share is a commitment to advancing women’s mental and physical health and ensuring equal access to quality healthcare for all women. TCD is involved in cutting edge research in areas related to women’s mental health from infancy to old age. The TCD research community will bring together world leaders in research from diverse academic fields. This will include population-based studies, through clinical services research to molecular medicine.

The theme of the Congress this year is Rights, Resilience & Recovery. We believe that a rights, equality and scientifically evidence-based approach to women’s mental health can best support and empower women when they are ill and on the road to recovery. With this Congress we want to create a space for a rights and evidence based exploration of women’s mental health in Ireland and internationally.

Although Ireland is a small country, our traditions of looking outward and of transcontinental migration have helped create a world where the Irish diaspora are found everywhere. Our location, between Europe and America, and our traditions combine to produce a land that is accessible, welcoming, and a pleasure to visit. We expect that for many this will be a first visit to Ireland, while for others it will be an opportunity to return home. There will also be a significant number who, though of Irish ancestry, have never visited our shores. To all delegates and partners, whether this is a first visit, a homecoming, or in a sense both of these, we can offer an experience to exceed your expectations.

A visit to Dublin offers a chance to see other parts of the country too. Ireland is simply one of the world’s best travel destinations. A landscape of stunning beauty, with a deep cultural and literary history, and a warm and welcoming people have combined to earn us this reputation. We sincerely hope you enjoy the Congress and your stay with us and that together we can make a real difference to women’s mental health.

Orla O Connor Director
National Women’s Council of Ireland

Professor Veronica O Keane
Trinity College Dublin

Welcome from IAWMH

We are delighted to personally welcome each of you to the 7th World Congress for the International Association of Women’s Mental Health (IAWMH). Established in 2001 to improve the mental health of women throughout the world, the International Association for Women’s Mental Health is a Not for Profit, Non-Governmental Organization.

Our mission is

  • To improve the mental health of women throughout the world.
  • To expand the fund of knowledge about Women’s Mental Health.
  • To promote gender-sensitive and autonomy-enhancing mental health 
services for women.
  • To advance collaboration between Societies and Sections.

It is an exciting time for the IAWMH as we continue to grow and provide advocacy for women’s mental health and women with mental ill health, and support and innovation for clinicians and researchers working in these fields. Our Association is dedicated to raising global awareness about the special issues that women face with adverse impacts on mental health. Throughout the world women face different challenges at different times of their lives and confronting mental ill health can be a time of hope or else a devastating experience if proper care and understanding are not available.

The IAWMH Congresses provide important opportunities for delegates to share experiences of working with women to improve their mental health and to learn about new advances in the field. Congress delegates are crucial in the development of our Association and the impact that we can have on actually improving the mental health of women throughout the world.

This Congress is to be held in exciting Dublin with a fascinating mixture of old world traditions and the rich, vibrant, modern day Irish culture. The organizers are working very hard to ensure that the programme contains a superb mix of neuroscience, psychosocial and environmental presentations that are highly relevant to women’s mental health and treatments for mental illnesses. Throughout the Congress, we encourage the delegates to learn from each other, to share experiences, and to relax and enjoy famous Irish hospitality.

The Congress theme “Rights, Resilience and Recovery” encapsulates the many facets of women’s mental health and we hope that attending the 7th World Congress for The International Association of Women’s Mental Health enriches you all.

A very warm welcome to you
Helen Herrman
President IAWMH

Jayashri Kulkarni
Vice –President IAWMH